Save our threatened species in the Murray-Darling!


The fate of 140 fish, birds, frogs and native plants hangs in the balance. Email the Victorian ministers for water and the environment, asking them to read the report and stand up for threatened species in the Murray-Darling Basin.

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The Murray-Darling Basin is home to some of Victoria’s most iconic species. From the mighty Murray cod to the small and elusive Sloane’s froglet, these animals depend on flowing, healthy rivers to survive.

But the Victorian government is refusing to make sure they get the vital water they need – and it is pushing 140 species dangerously close to extinction. 

Our new report, Doomed without a Drink, lists the many fish, birds, frogs and plants that might disappear forever if we don’t restore the rivers and wetlands of the Murray-Darling to health.

Can you send an email with the report to the relevant Victorian Ministers – Ingrid Stitt and Harriet Shing? Please also add a message about your personal connection to the rivers and landscape of northern Victoria. 

We need the Andrews government to listen because Victoria is actually the biggest roadblock to progress. After years of delays, the Victorian government is still refusing to support buying vital water to keep the river and its wildlife alive.

Please send the Andrews government this report so they can see the terrible repercussions of their actions.

With water ministers meeting next month to make big decision on the Basin Plan, this is a life or death moment for many species in the Murray-Darling. 

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Header image: Guo Chai Lim (flickr Creative Commons)