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Victoria’s environment is beautiful and unique. From the banks of the Murray River to the penguins of Phillip Island. From the stunning sunsets in the western deserts, over majestic snow-capped peaks in the Victorian Alps, and on through ancient rainforests to Gippsland in the east, we live in a beautiful and wonderous state.

But right now, our environment is hurting.

Our rivers are being exploited and drained of life, our ancient forests still recovering from climate-fuelled bushfires. Native wildlife – like the Greater Glider – face an extinction crisis, and our climate is under relentless attack from greedy coal and gas companies.

Today, we’re not asking you to save the Murray River on your own or expecting you to take on every big climate polluter by yourself.

But join with us today and your urgent gift, DOUBLED if made by June 30, can help:

• $35 can help us protect our rivers and wetlands and pull back some of our most loved vulnerable native species from the brink of extinction.

• $55 can help us stop huge gas corporations polluting the climate at our expense and wrecking.

• $85 or an exceptional $200 can help urgently stop burning all fossil fuels and make sure every house in Victoria is powered by affordable, renewable energy.

With your support today, Environment Victoria will do everything we can to protect the environment in our state.


Eastern Grey Kangaroo photo by Doug Gimesy