Thank you so much for standing up for our rivers.

Now can you chip in to power our urgent campaign to get the Murray-Darling the water it desperately needs?

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There’s only a few months until the next big meeting between the water ministers who decide the fate of our rivers.

Your support today will power this urgent campaign to demand the Andrews government stops blocking water buybacks. Here’s how:

  1. Power the state-wide campaign to demand more water for rivers through news articles, social media, targeted ads, op-eds, petitions and attention-grabbing events. From the city to the country, we will create a united voice louder than the cashed-up irrigation lobby that the Andrews government can’t ignore.
  2. Commission expert research and expose the truth behind Victoria’s dodgy tactics and supports the real, science-backed solutions.
  3. Amplifying the voices and stories that matter – including farmers and Traditional Owners who want to see our rivers and wetlands receive the water they need.

There’s no time to waste. Thank you for your generous support.