Victoria: show us you’re serious about protecting the Murray-Darling


Send a message to Water Minister Harriet Shing and Environment Minister Steve Dimopoulos asking them to commit to 5 key actions to protect Victoria’s rivers, wetlands and wildlife.

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Media reports show the Victorian government is FINALLY ready to get back on board with the Basin Plan.

We hope it means Victoria is finished undermining and delaying action to get our rivers and wildlife the vital water they need. But we need to see the proof.

If the Victorian government is serious about saving our biggest river system, they need to back it up with action. Will you send an email to the Victorian Water and Environment Ministers, asking them to commit to five key actions now? 

  1. Identify a workable pathway to let water flow across the Murray River floodplain and into wetlands
  2. Compare the benefits of wetland engineering projects against more natural flows
  3. Commit to a higher standard of evidence when assessing the economic impact of water recovery
  4. Publish an independent audit of water recovery before proposing any alternatives to straightforward water purchases
  5. Consider the impact on threatened species when making decisions that affect the Murray-Darling, as required by Victoria’s biodiversity laws  

Our rivers and wildlife have already paid the price of a wasted decade of action. In Victoria alone, 140 species are at risk of extinction unless we get enough water flowing to the wetlands and floodplains where they live! 

We can’t afford to waste any more time. Tell the Victorian government you want action.