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Environment Victoria is one hundred percent funded by people like you so we can be an independent voice for the environment in our state.

By becoming a regular giver again, you will:

  • Power our most important state election campaign yet and lock in clean energy promises, by pushing every candidate to commit to real climate policies before the election this November.
  • Make sure everyone has access to clean, affordable energy, by pushing the Andrews’ government and Opposition to do better than the recently released ‘Gas Substitution Roadmap’ that still doesn’t go far enough to help vulnerable Victorians get off dangerous, dirty and expensive fossil gas – even though gas accounts for almost one-fifth of Victoria’s emissions.
  • Recruit and train more passionate people for our Action Network, to build a powerful network of Victorians ready to act for our precious environment – not just for this crucial election in November, but for any threat our precious environment could face in the future.
  • Expose the truth and shift the narrative about the exploitation of our rivers, so that greedy vested interests stop threatening the beautiful plants, animals and ecosystems that our rivers are home to – and make sure the next Murray-Darling Basin Plan helps our rivers thrive.

Thank you so much for your support.