Ask Victoria’s Water Minister to back a better Basin Plan

Send Water Minister Lisa Neville a message, asking her to back Federal Labor’s plan to revive our rivers.

Victorians want a Water Minister who cares about our rivers and all the people, animals and ecosystems they support. Will you send Minister Neville a personal message, telling her you support federal Labor’s new plan to revive our rivers, and she should too?


Email address:

Some things you could include in your email: 

  • Where you are from and your local river
  • Why you care about supporting healthy rivers in the Murray-Darling Basin and across Victoria
  • Explain why you’re disappointed in her blocking Federal Labor’s new plan – and ask her to support it
  • Why you think climate change is an important threat to our rivers
  • What your vision is for a healthy community that has a thriving healthy river at its heart
  • Make sure your message is polite and not rude or offensive – aggressive messages don’t help our cause!

We’d love to see your message. So after you have sent your email to the Water Minister, could you forward it to us? Forward it to Thanks!

In April this year, Federal Labor released a new plan to revive the rivers of the Murray-Darling Basin.  

The 5-point plan commits to delivering the water our rivers, wetlands, turtles and fish need. It promises to increase First Nations water rights and to properly model the impact a hotter, drier climate will have on our rivers. After years of the federal Coalition undermining the Basin Plan, this announcement from Labor could finally get it back on track. Read the details of the plan here >>

But Victoria’s Water Minister Lisa Neville is standing in the way. Instead of supporting healthy rivers and communities, she’s sided with the Nationals to keep water in the hands of a few big irrigators instead! 

Shortly after federal Labor’s announcement, Victorian Water Minister Lisa Neville told the media it was “disappointing”. She is also opposed to the only viable way of returning 450 billion litres of water to the environment – buying it back from irrigators.

With both the federal and state election around the corner, we know our politicians are carefully listening to their constituents. That’s why it’s the perfect time to get our Victoria’s Water Minister to listen up.

Header image: John Morton. Available on Flickr under CC BY-SA 2.0 licence.