Bushfire films

Environment Victoria is committed to supporting bushfire-impacted communities by telling more of their stories through a series of films.

We’ll take you deep into the charred remains of some of the most beautiful mixed-temperate rainforest in the country, the once lush canopies now tragically left blackened and smelling of ash.

Bruce Pascoe: lessons from 120,000 years of Aboriginal land and fire management

This insightful interview with the widely respected Boonwurrung-Yuin Aboriginal author Bruce Pascoe is the latest in our series of short films about the bushfires.

Bruce says he has taken solace in how successfully Aboriginal people managed fire and the land for many thousands of years, and invites us to reflect on the lessons we can take with us as we face worsening climate damage.

Now more than ever we need to respect and listen to Traditional Owners. You can take a small step in this journey, and help promote the role of Indigenous land management by sharing this with your family and friends.

Kuark forest before and after the fires

“We are living in the age of fire.” This is a stunning short film about the devastating impact of the summer bushfires on a single forest in East Gippsland.

Through the eyes of a nature photographer and ecologist, and breathtaking before/after footage, we see what was destroyed.

Bushfire film: Bob love birds

Meet ‘Bushy’ Bob Semmens… After bushfires raged through his seaside town, Bob heard reports of dead birds washing up on shore. So he went to investigate.

It’s incredible how, even in times of hardship, one person’s passion for nature can leave you feeling so uplifted.

Bob’s story is the first of a series of short films we’re releasing telling stories from Victoria’s bushfire ravaged communities.