Call on your MP for job-creating climate solutions

Call your local ALP MP to tell them that Victorians want to see an economic recovery powered by climate solutions.

Last week, the Andrews government indefinitely delayed announcing Victoria’s climate targets for 2025 and 2030. These are extraordinary times, but we can’t afford to delay climate action any more – we must keep Victorians safe from this pandemic and from a future of climate-fuelled disasters.

With state budget decisions being made right now, let’s make sure our MPs hear the call to put climate solutions at the centre of Victoria’s COVID-19 economic recovery.

N.B. After you make you call don’t forget to add it to the tally page here so we can measure our collective impact!


How to call your MP

Step 1 – Find your MP’s contact details ????

Click here to find your local MP and their contact details

You can also call the relevant Ministers below:

Nb. Please do not call the Health Minister Jenny Mikakos or Premier Daniel Andrews at this time.

Step 2 – Make the call ????

Introduce yourself and why you’re calling, for example: 
  • I’m calling to ask what [MP name] is doing to ensure that Victoria’s economic recovery measures from this pandemic will focus on creating jobs that will help us address the climate crisis.
  • I was disappointed to see the announcement that the emission reduction targets decision will be delayed until an unknown time. I understand that the pandemic is the top priority right now but we can’t afford to delay climate action and there are ways we can address both climate and economic recovery at the same time.
  • I have a couple of specific comments and questions that I would like my MP/the minister to know and follow through with.
Tell them why you care, for example: 
  • I particularly want to see the state government announce a major roll out of home energy efficiency upgrades because this could create a huge number of local jobs while also making long-lasting reductions in people’s energy use and bills. 
  • I particularly want to see the state government announce more plans to build large solar and wind farms because this would mean we can reduce climate emissions and create thousands more jobs for Victorians in the renewable energy industry 
Ask them:  
  1. Will you make a public statement that you support Victoria’s economic recovery focusing on jobs-rich climate solutions?   
  2. Will you write to the Premier and Treasurer asking them to commit to make jobs-rich climate solutions central to Victoria’s economic recovery efforts?
    And pass on their response to me?

Step 3 – Add your call to our tally page ????

It’s important to measure our collective impact when we contact MPs. Add each call you make to the tally linked here so we can see how many calls we make!

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For even more info, click here for our full MP Calling Guide. 

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