Victorian election 2018

There was a lot at stake in the 2018 Victorian election, so we ran our biggest ever people-powered campaign.

The 2018 Victoria state election was the biggest people-powered campaign in our 50 year history.

Over six months, nearly 500 volunteers made more than 100,000 calls and texts to voters in key areas, reached millions of Victorians with our television advertisements and billboards, and enrolled almost 1500 young people to vote for the first time.

Together we put climate change and clean energy on the agenda in Melbourne’s south-east and across the state. And the result was a comprehensive victory for renewable energy and a big step forward for tackling global warming!

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Why the 2018 election mattered for clean energy and our environment

Election 2018 was a chance to speed up the shift to sustainability and make Victoria the leader on climate change that the world so urgently needs.

We need to transition as quickly as possible to clean renewable energy and cut greenhouse pollution. And we have to get serious about protecting our forests, rivers and the animals that call them home.

Victoria has started to make real progress in the shift from polluting coal to clean energy. We’ve retired old coal-burning power stations, kicked off new wind and solar projects and set a target of 40 percent renewable energy by 2025.

But despite vast community support for clean energy, some politicians are threatening to unravel this progress.

The Victorian state election was a key moment for the community to have our say by demanding ambitious environmental policies and exposing the blockers of clean energy.

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