Victoria Beyond Coal

Burning coal is the single biggest cause of climate change. We’re campaigning to phase out coal-burning power stations by 2030, replace them with clean energy, and support the community through this transition.

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Catastrophic bushfires and floods, blistering heatwaves and more severe drought. Australia is already experiencing the impacts of climate change, and burning coal is the single biggest cause of this damage to our climate.

The good news is that renewable energy is here and ready to replace coal as a source of clean, affordable and reliable energy. Already a quarter of our electricity comes from renewable sources.

To protect our communities and avoid the worst impacts of damage to our climate, we need to close all coal-burning power stations in the next decade and replace them with clean energy sources like solar, wind and batteries.

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Yallourn – Australia’s dirtiest power station

Because they burn brown coal, Victoria has the dirtiest power stations in Australia. Together they spew out nearly 40 percent of the state’s climate pollution.

The oldest and dirtiest is Yallourn. It produces more carbon pollution for each unit of power than any other coal-burning power station in Australia.

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Yallourn is also Australia’s worst toxic polluter. Each year it pumps arsenic, lead, sulphur dioxide and over 400 kilograms of mercury into our air and water. This toxic pollution has serious health consequences for people living nearby, including increased risk of heart attack, asthma, stroke and lung cancer.

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Our governments have a responsibility to stop coal-burning power stations polluting and make a plan to support workers and the community transition to a clean future.

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Victoria is on track to produce 40% of its energy through renewables by 2025. This clean, reliable energy will make it possible to meet energy demand, without Yallourn coal-burning power station.

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Yallourn and climate damage

Each year, Yallourn emits up to 15 million tonnes of carbon dioxide pollution, making it responsible for 13 percent of Victoria’s emissions.
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Yallourn and health impacts

Burning coal is the largest source of air pollution in the Latrobe Valley, Victoria. And within the Valley, the worst polluter is Yallourn power station.
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A fair transition

The Latrobe Valley needs long-term support from government and the wider community to attract and grow new businesses, employers, skills and training providers in the industries of the future.
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Australia Beyond Coal is an alliance of 7 environment charities from across the country representing over a million Australians. You can learn more about the campaign on the official website here >>