Gippsland Action Network

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Meet the local team

Lucilla Hammond

Lucilla made Gippsland her home over 15 years ago. Her focus during that time had been on wellbeing as a yoga teacher. After years of making lifestyle adjustments as an approach to climate crisis, she is now dedicated to community action.

Margie Barrett-Poole

Margie has lived and worked in Gippsland all her life, raising her family in the Latrobe Valley. Working in wholistic health, Margie knows that a healthy environment is the foundation for healthy communities and lives. She's passionate about building deeper connections, understanding and actions to create a future that is healthy for us all.

Electra Greene

Electra is a proud Kurnai Gunai and Monero woman who cares deeply for our environment and is dedicated to supporting others to develop that same passion and care through sharing stories, poetry, and workshops. Electra believes that connecting with nature will help us all to move forward to the future in better consistency and with more compassion towards one another.



What's happening in Gippsland

Right now, our climate and environment is in crisis. We’re already experiencing the impacts of a damaged climate, but we also have an opportunity to limit the damage create a better, cleaner future. We know that people power is key to inspiring the action we need and holding our leaders to account. So we’re building a network of Victorians like you to bring together local communities across the state and take action.

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