group-member | 20th Oct, 2022

Combined Residents of Whitehorse Action Group Inc. (CROWAG)

The CROWAG vision is for appropriate planning and development within Whitehorse, enhancing the amenity and quality of life for all citizens.

CROWAG Inc. is a peak, apolitical, volunteer advocacy body, comprising individual members and 12 affiliate organisations/ groups including: the Bellbird Residents’ Advocacy Group, (BRAG) Glenburnie Road Residents Association Inc, (GRRA) Jefferey Street Residents Association Inc., (JSRA) Holland Road Residents – Blackburn South Raiders, Friends of Blackburn Lake, Significant Landscape Overlay Group (SLOG), Surrey Hills-Mont Albert Progress Assoc. Inc. (SHMAPA), Blackburn & District Tree Preservation Society (BDTPS), Whitehorse Active Transport Action Group (WATAG), Glengarry Avenue Group (Burwood), Blackburn Village Residents Group. Inc. (BVRG) and the ACF Community Chisholm (ACFC).

We advocate for:

  • Appropriate development
  • The preservation and enhancement of the natural landscape.
  • Equitable, transparent, and accountable community engagement practices leading to the highest levels of good governance.

While some of our member groups work directly to improve a particular landscape at working bees etc, CROWAG seeks improvement in legislation, policy, and practice at the local government level as well as statewide.

Phone: 0400 085 549 or 0419 873 743



Address: C/- BVRG PO Box 406, Blackburn Victoria