How to take climate action in your community

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Victorians are voting for climate

Almost 70% of Victorian voters say action on climate change will be important for their vote at the next federal election. We want fast and fair climate action, but we’re not seeing these views from Victorians reflected strongly enough in federal climate discussions or policy.

With the federal election looming, it’s a crucial time to secure commitments from the major parties and set the agenda for the next four years of government. So no matter which party your federal MP belongs to, it’s crucial they hear from you NOW.

Will you ask your federal MP to champion climate action within their party, and ensure Victorians are represented in Canberra?

Send your federal MP an email 

Connect with your community

1. Find others taking action near you

The Victorian Climate Action Network (VCAN) is a network linking over 100 community groups – climate groups as well as groups campaigning on renewable energy, public transport, or coal and gas in Victoria.

victorian climate action network

2. Connect with one of our member groups

From Shepparton to Phillip Island, our member groups are working to protect our environment in more ways than you can imagine!

environment victoria Member directory

3. Start your own group

Are you passionate about protecting your local environment and building people power with your community? Get in touch about starting your own group!

Resources to get you started

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By joining the Environment Victoria Action Network, you’ll be connected to a people-powered movement working to cut dangerous climate pollution, transition to clean energy and protect our beautiful natural places.

There’s plenty of ways you can get involved – no matter your skills, experience or location! Fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch.