Jobs, health, climate: let’s talk about the Valley’s future

The world is moving beyond coal and our economy and industries are already in transition. So right now in the Latrobe Valley and Gippsland we have an opportunity to shape a future that works for all of us.

The people of the Latrobe Valley are already creating a stronger and more sustainable economy. With the right support and resources, the community is capable of thriving through change.

Everyone deserves a seat at the table to re-imagine the Valley with new opportunities and a diversified and resilient economy that’s ready for a changing future. That’s why we’re working on the ground with people in the Latrobe Valley, to talk about this future.

If you want to get involved in the conversation on transition in the Latrobe Valley, sign up as a volunteer below.

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Good things are already happening in the Valley

  • Earthworker Manufacturing Coop is showing how the new economy can benefit working people.

Here are just some of the positive stories coming out of the Latrobe Valley as the region looks towards the future:

  • The announcement of the S.E.A electric vehicle factory, a government facilitated new industry, is set to create 500 jobs and will be built by 2020.
  • Work has started on the Hi-Tech Precinct in Morwell that will be a centre for research, business incubation, new product development, start-up support, and education and training.
  • The great work of the Earthworker Energy Manufacturing Coop, which is demonstrating how the new economy can be reimagined to benefit working people.
  • Gippsland Solar is now one of the largest solar companies in Australia, employing over 50 people across the region.
  • The first trial fleet of electric hybrid buses in Australia is being rolled out by the Latrobe Valley Bus Lines.
  • The folk at Gippslandia, who are making a point of telling the positive stories of innovation, optimism and resilience across the region. If you are in the Valley or Gippsland you should grab a copy of their magazine (in paper format) that’s available for free.
  • Places like the VRI and Morwell Neighbourhood House are providing creative community spaces for people to thrive.
  • Our friends at Latrobe Valley Sustainability Group, Voices of the Valley, and Communities Leading Change are working with different parts of the community that are active on issues like climate change, pollution and leading the transition.

Yallourn and climate damage

Each year, Yallourn emits up to 15 million tonnes of carbon dioxide pollution, making it responsible for 13 percent of Victoria’s emissions.
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Yallourn and health impacts

Burning coal is the largest source of air pollution in the Latrobe Valley, Victoria. And within the Valley, the worst polluter is Yallourn power station.
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A fair transition

The Latrobe Valley needs long-term support from government and the wider community to attract and grow new businesses, employers, skills and training providers in the industries of the future.
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