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Welcome to the Melbourne South East Action Network!

Here in Melbourne’s south-east and surrounds we’re already face the reality of a changing climate. The destructive bushfires of the 2019/2020 summer were on our doorstep, droughts and storms have been hitting us harder, and sea level rise is projected to inundate our suburbs this century.

That’s why we need our leaders at all levels to step up and make deep and urgent cuts to the pollution that is overheating our planet. The transition to a more sustainable society needs to be fast and fair, avoiding the worst climate damage and working with communities to adapt and thrive.

We call on our federal political representatives and candidates to act urgently on climate change like our future depends on it.

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Meet the local team

Lucy Marks

Hailing from Wangaratta, Lucy studied climate change at uni and has volunteered with Climate 4 Change and on the Communities Leading Change publication. She's now an organiser - believing that we win when everyday people work together with a vision for a thriving future.

Hayley Sestokas

Hayley moved back home to Gippsland after 8 years working with communities on the frontlines of dangerous fossil fuel export projects. Hayley is passionate about reimagining our future beyond coal, strengthening our connections to place and people through the process.

Victor Komarovsky

Victor grew up in Aotearoa New Zealand where learned to organise through years of volunteering in the youth climate movement. Now on Bunurong Country in Frankston, he sees fertile ground everywhere for the radical change we need.


What's happening in Melbourne's south east

Right now, our climate and environment is in crisis. We’re already experiencing the impacts of a damaged climate, but we also have an opportunity to limit the damage create a better, cleaner future. We know that people power is key to inspiring the action we need and holding our leaders to account. So we’re building a network of Victorians like you to bring together local communities across the state and take action.

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