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Rivers storytelling program

To win long-term protection for our rivers, we need to change the stories we tell about them. Join this free training program to find out how.

The stories told in the media about the Murray-Darling Basin make it difficult for regular people to engage – and even harder to see what the solutions are.

We need to tell the stories of our communities, which are bearing the burden of change. Local stories help build understanding and they galvanise people who want to take action.

Over the next few months, we’ll be bringing people together from across northern Victoria for a comprehensive training program to tell stories that are emotionally compelling and get media attention.

The training sessions will be held monthly. You can attend individual sessions, or commit to the whole program.

Register your interest for the next session: Rivers Storytelling Workshop - 28 January

Past sessions

28 Oct: Storytelling and Why It Matters (Story Structure)

Featuring: how emotions drive politics, secrets of story structure, telling personal stories for change.

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Click here for the session slides

25 Nov: Personal Stories & Writing and Pitching Opinion Pieces

Click here to see the session recording

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16 Dec: Workshopping Stories

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28 Jan: Storytelling Workshop – Telling Your Story and Working Through Writer’s Block

24 Feb: Getting Local Media

31 Mar: Social Media & Video

28 Apr: Pulling it all Together (Big Picture Story)

26 May: Story Circle (Listening to Build Community)

All sessions will take place from 6.30-8.00pm.

We’ll also be supporting participants with coaching, a list of media contacts in your area and feedback for telling your own story.

At the end of the program, you’ll have published an opinion piece, media story or social media video you’re proud of – and you’ll be connected to a new network of river storytellers in your area.