Sustainable Living | 13th Nov, 2014

The Boomerang Alliance

At Environment Victoria, we believe in team work. That’s why we’ve joined a bunch of other environment groups to work together to make Australia a zero waste leader. We call ourselves the Boomerang Alliance.

The Boomerang Alliance works with business, government and the community to campaign for:

  • Extended Producer Responsibility for all products that pose a problem
  • Waste levies in each state
  • Shifting the cost of managing waste to those who make the products
  • Developing the systems to help companies take-back their products at the end of their lifecycle
  • Providing incentives for waste to be reprocessed locally and for alternative technologies to be used
  • Encouraging new markets to grow around environmentally friendly products (including those that are made out of recycled material)

We’ve also developed a National Recycling Initiative: a series of proposals that we think will help the recycling industry secure its future. For instance, with a little bit of financial support, we can create 2,300 direct jobs and a further 5,800 jobs in service and supply to the industry.

We think that’s worth getting excited about!

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