appliances | 16th Jun, 2010

Be an energy smart workplace

We use energy for lots of things in the workplace when we don’t need to. Make the switch to an energy smart workplace with these handy hints.

  • Turn off all lights when the room or office isn’t being used.
  • Make signs or stickers to go next to your light switches, reminding people to switch off.
  • If you have areas that aren’t being used much, like store rooms, see if you can get a sensor installed so the light switches off when the room is empty.
  • Talk to your workmates about putting computers to sleep when they are not being used for short periods. At nights computers should be switched off at the wall, or at least at the screen. More tips for your computer.
  • Lots of appliances use standby energy, especially lights or clocks which stay on when the appliance is off. To stop them using energy when they are not being used, turn them off at the power point.

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