green babies | 16th Jun, 2009

Getting around with a baby

Experienced mums and dads say that it’s less hassle and more enjoyable to load a baby into a pram than a baby and a pram into a car. It is also a great way to get your baby to sleep and get some fresh air and exercise for yourself.

“You can’t go to the gym, so getting out with the pram is about the only exercise you can get. I used to literally walk for hours!”

Michele, mother to young children 

For small shopping trips

Get some exercise with the pram and store the shopping underneath.

Public transport

Using public transport with babies is pretty hassle free as other passengers will help you lift the pram on and off and give you a seat, although we realise in some regional areas public transport might not be an option.

A train tip for parents – 30 seconds

Safety when getting on and off a train is important.

  • If you are travelling with a pram or shopping trolley, board at the front carriage so that you’re clearly visible to the driver.
  • When boarding the train push the pram in first and lift the back in if the train isn’t level with the platform. When exiting the train, step off first and then pull the pram towards you.
  • Visit the PTV website for more safety tips.

Using a sling

Using a sling is even less disruptive to your baby and leaves your hands free. Your baby is happy as it snuggles close to you. For more information about slings and to see the various types demonstrated, there are some great resources at Choice Magazine. You can also find heaps of information and tips from parents at baby carriers downunder. They also have a service where they will loan you different types so you can try before you buy.

One of the best ways to find a sling to suit you is to talk to parents already using them.


If you are using a car, the way you drive and maintain it can cut your greenhouse gas emissions and petrol costs by a third. See our How to drive smarter to find out how.


Children love bicycles! Babies need to be strong enough to confidently sit and hold their heads with a helmet before using bike seats or trailers. For the full run down visit Bicycle Victoria’s excellent guide to riding with babies and toddlers.

As well as an old fashioned bike seat, you can now get amazing trailers – some of which can do double duty to carry shopping, or detach and act as jogging prams. You might also consider a Dutch style cargo bike. These have a large trailer that sits between two wheels at the front of the bike. It is big enough to carry two children plus your weekly shop. See some cargo bikes in action at our Walk Against Warming protest.