appliances | 16th Jun, 2016

Green your computer

Right now, all across Victoria, hundreds of thousands of computers are generating greenhouse gas. Including the one you’re reading this article on.

With technology moving so fast, most of them end up in the rubbish after only a couple of years.

Here’s a few tips for making your computer a little more climate friendly and a little less of a hazard to our environment.

Put your computer to sleep when you’re not using it

Even if it’s just for a short period of time, putting your computer to sleep can save lots of energy. You can change the settings so that this happens automatically. On a PC, look under your control panel. On a Mac, go to system preferences under the Apple menu.

Screensavers don’t save energy

Turning off your computer screen – even if it you’re only stepping away for a short period of time – is a much better option than a screensaver.

Turn the switch off at the wall

When you’re not using your computer for longer periods, shut it down and turn it off at the wall. If you can’t reach the wall, turn your computer screen off.

Recycle your computer

If you want to get rid of your computer, don’t send it to landfill. Make sure all the precious metals and resources it contains get recycled and reused. Check out this nifty website to find out if there’s a recycling place near you.

Recycle your printer toner cartridges

You can drop them off at participating Australia Post, Officeworks, Harvey Norman, Tandy, Dick Smith Electronics and Powerhouse outlets.