appliances | 16th Jun, 2016

Install smart lighting at work

Did you know, your workplace could be paying less for your lighting bill. It’s not hard to do and your boss will thank you. So why not try these easy tips to get you started.

  • Put small signs next to your light switches to remind staff to turn them off when they’re not being used.
  • Put in low energy light globes. They use 20 percent of the energy of an incandescent bulb and last eight times as long. That’s a great return on investment!
  • If your workplace has fluorescent tubes, upgrade them to the more efficient T5 tubes.
  • Make sure all of your fluorescent lights have reflectors so you can get the maximum amount of light from them.
  • Make sure you don’t have more lights than you need. You might discover that you can take out some of your fluorescent tubes and still have enough light.
  • If you have down lights, replace them with more efficient lights like small fluorescent bulbs or LEDs.
  • If you have areas that you don’t use that much, like restrooms and storerooms, put in occupancy sensors which switch off when the area isn’t being used. Alternatively, put signs up that remind people to switch the light off when the room isn’t being used.
  • Check what kind of light bulb is in your exit sign. Making this a low energy light bulb can save you lots of energy.

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