appliances | 21st Jun, 2012

Print these nifty reminder stickers

Got colleagues who forget to turn their computers off at the end of the day? Children who forget to turn the lights off? Or do you sometimes find yourself at the end of the check out queue only to realise that you’re at the supermarket and your stash of bags is at home? Never fear!

We’ve whipped up a set of reminder stickers which can be printed on the address label sheets you find in most offices. Click on the image below to check out our handiwork, and then on the links below to download some stickers of your very own. Print them. Stick them everywhere. Go crazy!

Give me the ones for 14-labels-to-a-sheet sticker paper, with 70 x 36mm labels

Give me the ones for 24-labels-to-a-sheet sticker paper, with 98 x 38.1mm labels