Say thanks for doing the right thing for our climate and future

The Climate Change Act that became law today was proposed by the Andrews government, and supported by both Greens MPs and the independent Suzanna Sheed in the Lower House.

In the Upper House a broad array of minor parties supported the legislation, including the Greens, the Sex Party and Jobs for the West.

Please join us in thanking these politicians for doing the right thing for the climate and our future.

Email them your own personal thanks.
send an email to all mps who voted yes

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ALP Ministers:

Premier Daniel Andrews:

Minister Lily D’Ambrosio: lily.d’

Minister Lisa Neville:

Greens MPs:

Ellen Sandell:

Greg Barber:

Sex Party:

Fiona Patten:

Jobs for the West:

James Purcell:

Independent MP for Shepparton

Suzanna Sheed: