Storylines is a unique initiative of Environment Victoria's Healthy Rivers Campaign with funding generously provided by the Murray-Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) through The Living Murray program.


Between 2007 and 2009, Environment Victoria produced two hugely popular Storylines DVD series, comprising a total of 22 personal stories. Under the guidance of filmmaker and social historian, Malcolm McKinnon, these unique digital storytelling projects brought together diverse groups of people to share and record the story of their personal connection to the Murray River wetland wonders of the Hattah Lakes and the stunning Gunbower, Koondrook and Perricoota forests. As a result, these collections of stories testify to the rich social, cultural and ecological values of these precious sites and present compelling arguments for why they must be protected and restored.

Environment Victoria is extremely grateful to the MDBA for their support of Storylines and for making such a big undertaking possible. Thank you also to our wonderful project partners who provided very valuable in-kind support. Most of all, we thank the storytellers for their heartfelt commitment and contribution to the project. They are true champions for these places.

Discover the Storylines here…

Gunbower-Koondrook-Perricoota Storylines
Hattah Lakes Storylines

If the idea of telling your story or expressing your opinion gets your toes tapping or heart racing, go ahead and write to our political leaders. Raise that voice of yours and tell them exactly what you’d like to see happen to our river systems or add your River Story by clicking here.

Teachers Guide
The Storylines teachers guides are a useful educational resource. It’s suitable for primary, as well as high school and tertiary students particularly in the areas of Outdoor Education, Geography, Social and Environmental studies and Personal Development. The Storylines films can be used in conjunction with trips to the site, however, students can still explore the area using maps, brochures, images, satellite photos and other historical accounts without visiting. There are also a range of handy questions and activities linked to the stories as part of the guide.

Download the Hattah Lakes Teachers Guide
Download the GKP Teachers Guide

For more information, contact Juliet LeFeuvre (Healthy Rivers Campaign Manager) on email: or call: (03) 9341 8100.