[WATCH] Ashes to Aftermath: 10 Years On From the Hazelwood Mine Fire

In 2014, Victoria experienced its worst industrial air pollution disaster when the Hazelwood mine fire burned for 45 days. This short film shares the experience of 6 local people and reflects on how far we’ve come, 10 years on.

The mine fire blanketed the town of Morwell in toxic smoke and falling ash, and Latrobe Valley residents directly suffered the ripple effects of this disaster long after the fire was put out. But the fire sparked many positive things too – community responding with comradery and care in the face of adversity, everyday citizens finding their voices to advocate for their rights to health and a safe environment, and the reform and services which were eventually established in response.

Join the Melbourne screening and panel discussion Tuesday 26 March.

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This film was produced by independent filmmakers Josie Hess and Stephanie Sabrinskas, with support from Bank Australia.

Please be advised that the following video discusses the Hazelwood mine fire disaster. This content may be distressing, especially for those directly affected by the event or dealing with ongoing health issues. We encourage you to exercise caution and prioritize your mental and emotional well-being while watching.