Media Releases | 8th Jun, 2016

Election scorecard: Coalition ‘out of touch’ and isolated on climate change

A new election scorecard of the major parties, released by Environment Victoria today, has left the Liberal party looking isolated and out of touch on climate change and the environment. The scorecard rates the Greens’ policies as most effective, the ALP’s as next most effective, and finds the Coalition has so far failed to announce a credible environment policy agenda.

The election scorecard rates the performance and commitments of the major parties against Environment Victoria’s policy blueprint, which covers three categories:

  • powering Australia with clean energy
  • cutting pollution
  • protecting nature

Environment Victoria CEO Mark Wakeham said today:

“Hopes that Malcolm Turnbull would bring the Coalition’s climate and environment policy into the 21st century have so far been dashed.

“Unlike the other parties, the Coalition doesn’t have a credible plan to cut climate pollution and phase out dirty coal-burning power stations. The government’s own data shows they’re letting Australia’s climate pollution increase, and there was no new money for their Emissions Reduction Fund in the most recent budget.”

The scorecard is based on a comprehensive Promise Watch database that tracks election commitments. It aims to provide factual, spin-free information to help Australians make an informed decision at the federal election on 2 July.

Mr Wakeham continued:

“There’s a stark contrast between the two major parties on climate change and protecting our environment.

“The biggest difference is that Labor has a plan to cut climate pollution and start phasing out our dirtiest coal-burning power stations, while the Liberal party has no credible plan to stop global warming and is allowing Australia’s pollution to increase.

“The Coalition had an extremely poor track record on the environment during the Abbott Government, and the Turnbull Government has continued these same reckless policies.

“The Labor party now has a reasonably comprehensive plan to cut climate pollution, grow renewable energy and phase out dirty coal-burning power stations. However, their plan still needs more work ahead of the election, lacking clear time frames for power station closure, and they haven’t yet committed to ending fossil fuel subsidies and strengthening environment laws.

“The Greens have the strongest environment policies and commitments overall, with the highest renewable energy target, an economy-wide carbon price and a commitment to ban new coal and gas developments, plus support for stronger environment laws.

“The Liberal party has the lowest clean energy target, no credible plan to cut Australia’s climate pollution and a track record of undermining laws and programs to protect nature.

“While the Liberal party has recently announced some small funding for the Great Barrier Reef and renewable energy, these are tokenistic gestures in the absence of a credible plan to cut climate pollution.

“With four weeks left in the campaign, there’s still time for all parties to announce new commitments and improve their overall rating. Recent polls have revealed most Australians want stronger action on climate change – it’s time for political parties to catch up with this community expectation.”

A final version of Environment Victoria’s election scorecard will be updated in the last week of the election campaign and sent to 70,000 supporters, including 10,000 in the Victorian marginal electorates of Deakin and Dunkley.

Download the Election Scorecard as a PDF >>


For interview and further comment:

Mark Wakeham, CEO, Environment Victoria

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