Media Releases | 15th Jan, 2018

Yallourn coal mine licence extension poses unacceptable risk to our climate  

In response to Yallourn power station’s proposal to extend their coal mining licence revealed in the Herald Sun today, Environment Victoria CEO Mark Wakeham said:

“The proposal to extend Yallourn power station’s licence to mine coal beyond 2026 poses an unacceptable risk to our climate and to the stability of our aging electricity grid, and should be rejected outright by the Andrews government.

“Since the closure of Hazelwood, Yallourn has taken the mantle of dirtiest power station in Australia. Rather than proposing to extend the life of this polluting clunker we should be planning for its closure and supporting the Latrobe Valley community with a fair and just economic transition.

“Victoria has committed to transitioning to net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, and is in the process of setting interim emission reduction targets and reforming our mine rehabilitation regulations.

“Extending Yallourn’s mining licence would undermine the Climate Change Act and continue Victoria’s reliance on polluting and unreliable coal. The Andrews government mustn’t give special treatment to aging coal-burning power stations that are endangering our climate.

“Victoria’s new renewable energy target is beginning the task of cleaning up our power supply and forcing electricity prices down. This shift to clean energy is supported by the Victorian community and will lower electricity prices and reduce the risk of old coal-burning power stations failing. EnergyAustralia, the owner of Yallourn power station, should be working to accelerate this transition, not undermining it by clinging on to old coal,” said Mr Wakeham.

Environment Victoria has produced a new media backgrounder covering energy and climate change issues this summer, explaining recent developments in Australia’s National Electricity Market.

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