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Thank you! Please attend our campaign launch on 10 May

Thank you for sending your message!

Please join our campaign launch on 10 May to help us raise the ambition of ALL parties at the election. Scroll down to RSVP.

What happens at the 2018 Victorian state election really matters — the result could lock in support for building clean energy, cutting pollution and protecting nature. Or it could unravel progress we’ve worked so hard to achieve.

So we’re kicking off our biggest people-powered election campaign ever. Let’s make sure whichever party wins this election, our environment comes out on top.

Join us at the election campaign launch and learn about:

  • Why this state election matters so much, and what’s at stake
  • How Victoria can be a leader for our climate and environment
  • Our cutting-edge strategy to make our environment a winner this election, including our pioneering youth enrolment campaign
  • How you can be a huge part it – there are so many ways to be involved!

Join the election launch

WHEN Thursday 10 May 2018 6pm – 8.30pm

WHERE Melbourne Bowls Club Flagstaff Gardens, Dudley St, West Melbourne (Click to view in Google Maps)

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We’ve taken lessons from some of the most exciting, innovative and effective campaigns from the past couple years – including the record-breaking marriage equality campaign and the Queensland election campaign. Here’s our plan to reach more people than ever before, based on the 5 key strategies below. Join us at the launch event to find out more!

Have powerful conversations

Talk to thousands of voters in key areas about using their vote for clean energy and protecting the environment.

Help young people enrol to vote

Enrol young people ready to vote for their future.

Boost the profile of our issues

Make clean energy, the environment and our powerful volunteer-led campaign the big story this election.

Raise ambition of all political parties

Get better policy commitments for our environment in the lead-up to the election from all political parties.

Pressure the blockers

Call out politicians who are standing in the way of clean energy and show that they’re out of touch with what the community wants.

Victorian election 2018

There was a lot at stake in the 2018 Victorian election, so we ran our biggest ever people-powered campaign.