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Victorian Liberal Party environment policy missing for 615 weeks

Today marks 615 weeks since the Victorian Liberal Party had an environment platform Environment Victoria and Friends of the Earth have announced today.

Today marks 615 weeks since the Victorian Liberal Party had an environment platform Environment Victoria and Friends of the Earth have announced today.

Both groups have been actively lobbying Victorian political parties for November’s election to be fought on the basis of strong policy guaranteeing the ongoing success of renewable energy.

However, growing concerns over silence from the Liberal Party have pushed them to publish multiple letters sent to both the Shadow Minister for Innovation, Energy and Resources, and Renewables, David Southwick and Leader of the Opposition Matthew Guy regarding their policies on key clean energy issues which have yet to receive any substantial response.

“In their official 2006 Election Policy the Liberal Party showed they could have positive plans for climate change and the environment. As the rest of society has moved forward in response to a worsening climate crisis and continued environmental degradation, the Liberal Party has somehow managed to go backwards,” said Dean Rizzetti, Public Policy and Advocacy Manager at Environment Victoria.

“The last time the Victorian Liberal Party had an actual environment policy, John Howard was Prime Minister and the Crocodile Hunter was still telling the world about Australia’s incredible wildlife.

“Now, Matthew Guy’s Liberal Party only has thought bubbles regarding the environment and renewables in Victoria that are light-years behind what the party proposed in 2006.

“In 2006, the Victorian Liberals saw solar as one of the most promising sources of renewable energy. Now they want to slash the Victorian Renewable Energy Target, and abolish the solar-feed-in tariff.

“While once the Party held forward thinking environment and climate policies, Matthew Guy’s Victorian Liberals are now putting the future of our state at risk. Their lack of policy and ambition will cost Victorians 9000 jobs and push up already extreme energy prices.

“We know that Victorians want cheap, clean energy, and this November we want to make sure the election is fought on the basis of good policy that guarantees a successful future for renewables and climate action in our state.

“We are calling on Matthew Guy’s Liberal Party to step up and show the Victorian people just what they’ve got to ensure Victoria has a strong future in renewables and ambitious climate policy,” said Mr Rizzetti.

Leigh Ewbank, Climate Campaigner at Friends of the Earth, couldn’t agree more:

“Time is running out for Matthew Guy to release a plan to tackle climate change before the November election,” said Leigh Ewbank, Friends of the Earth’s climate spokesperson.

“The Federal Coalition government’s failure to address climate change leaves Victorian communities exposed to intensifying impacts such as bushfire risk and drought.

“Community members expect all political parties to have clear plans to rein in emissions and protect the community from climate impacts.

“This November we are calling all sides of politics for certainty regarding the future of the Victorian Renewable Energy Target, and a guarantee ambitious climate policy for the good of all Victorians,” said Mr Ewbank.

Read the Victorian Liberal Party policy comparison

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