News | 20th Dec, 2021

Briefing paper: Gas-free suburbs for Geelong

This briefing paper recommends well-overdue changes to the Victorian Planning Provisions and Plumbing Regulations, which would open the way for Geelong’s first gas-free suburbs, supplying new homes with a cleaner and cheaper source of energy, and leaving households better off financially.

New modelling of energy use, bills and upfront costs for 6-Star and 7-Star homes in Geelong finds all-electric homes are significantly cheaper to run than homes that use gas for heating, cooking and hot water.

But while households would be better off without gas appliances, outdated Victorian planning regulations are forcing new housing developments to connect to the gas network.

These rules are hooking households onto an increasingly expensive fuel, putting pressure on gas supply and making it more difficult for Victoria to reach its legislated emissions reduction targets.