Call on Premier Andrews to set strong climate targets

In the next few weeks, the Victorian government will decide crucial targets for cutting emissions over the next decade. Call on Premier Andrews to set strong targets.  

To limit the impacts of catastrophic climate change we need to cut our emissions as fast as possible and Victoria’s target will be critical in achieving this.

Based on the latest science, this means Victoria must set an emissions reduction target of at least 75% by 2030.

Let Premier Andrews know what Victorians expect on climate action. Call his office now to let him know that you want to sestrong climate targets. 

Office of The Premier: (03) 9651 5000

Call dan andrews

Some tips and tricks for making the call

Start by introducing yourself – your name, where you live, and your background (e.g.: student, concerned parent, health worker, business owner)  

Be clear you’re getting in touch to ask the Premier to set strong climate targets.  

Key points to make: 

  • As last summer’s unprecedented bushfires and ongoing extreme weather events show us, climate change is putting Victorians at risk.
  • Victorian climate targets need to cut emissions steeply and deeply over the next decade to do our part to limit the impacts of catastrophic climate change
  • That means cutting emissions by at least 75% percent by 2030.
  • We understand the pandemic has delayed the decision but we can’t afford to wait any longer.

If you want more detail on the campaign for strong targets you can read our latest blog post here >>

Lastly, remember to be friendly and polite, while being firm about what you’re asking for. It can be a bit nerve-wracking to contact politicians, but remember – it’s their job to listen to you!

Let us know how your call went

Help us track our collective impact by letting us know how the call went.

Want to amplify your impact?

Call a Cabinet Minister

This is a Cabinet decision so calling Ministers in the Andrews government will also have a big impact right now – especially if they are your local MP.

Phone numbers for all Ministers are here >>

Click here to check your state MP >>

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