Gas-free Victoria

A gas-free Victoria

Burning fossil gas is responsible for 16% of Victoria's climate pollution. But the good news is we already have the solutions!

Fossil gas is a polluting fuel that damages our climate. It is responsible for 16% of all Victoria’s greenhouse gas emissions, and Victoria burns far more gas than other states.

But the good news is that we have simple and effective solutions right now. By going electric we can heat our homes, cook delicious meals and have warm showers while reducing bills and cutting climate pollution.

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Victoria uses far more gas than other Australian states.

Most of the gas used in Victoria is for heating and hot water. This is a big opportunity because efficient, all-electric appliances are cheaper to run, safer for our health and produce less pollution.

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Going electric also means we can eliminate the need for more destructive gas mining and import projects. Working alongside the amazing Westernport Bay community, we stopped AGL’s plan to build a polluting gas import terminal in the middle of a Ramsar listed wetland.

It was a huge win for the community and the local environment. But unless we get off gas and switch to clean energy, we will remain in a vicious cycle where growing gas consumption continues to underpin these destructive projects.

Already, Viva Energy is planning to build a gas import terminal in Geelong which could import gas from Woodside’s Scarborough project, a huge carbon bomb that would make our Paris climate targets harder to reach. The Andrews government has also given the green light for Beach Energy to mine for gas right next to the 12 Apostles. A plan that involves boring a hole underneath Port Campbell national park and 3.5km out into the ocean!








The shift from gas has already started!

Thanks to thousands of people showing their support, there is growing momentum towards reducing the state’s dependence on dirty methane gas.

The Andrews government’s release of their Gas Substitution Roadmap in July 2022 was a great first step. Along with the roadmap, Victoria’s planning laws were also amended to remove an outdated rule that forced new homes to connect to the gas network. This is something our community had been calling for and is a big win that paves the way for more all-electric fossil free homes.

The roadmap also comes in addition to existing programs to replace 250,000 old and inefficient residential heaters over the next four years, along with expanded energy efficiency schemes.

This is a good start, but to match the scale of the energy and climate crises Victorians face right now, the plan needs to go further. You can find out more in our analysis of the Gas Substitution Roadmap here >>

We know the fossil gas industry is lobbying hard. They intend to do whatever they can to protect their profits at the expense of our health and climate.

So getting our leaders behind the big vision for a renewable-powered Victoria is going to take people across the state speaking up.

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