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The Forever Green Bequest Program

We understand that many people are not able to give as much as they would like during their lifetimes due to financial constraints and responsibilities. Your Will is the place where you can thoughtfully provide not only for your family and friends but also contribute to a better future and support environmental issues that are close to your heart.

Leaving a bequest will provide vital income to Environment Victoria to support our critical work.

Your Forever Green gift will be directed to our Green Future Fund which is a revolving investment fund that provides planned and secure income to Environment Victoria. We’ll invest your Forever Green gift in the Green Future Fund and use it to support our critical activities. This way, your legacy will provide urgent but sustained funds to support actions now and into the coming decades. However, you can also direct your gift to be used immediately – the choice is yours.

You can be sure that your Forever Green gift is in safe hands. The Trustees will ensure that your legacy is ethically invested and is used to support Environment Victoria’s critical activities. All Trustees must meet the criteria of ‘responsible persons’ set by the Registrar of Environment Organisations.

Gift recognition

Should you choose to create a Victoria that’s Forever Green as your lasting legacy we would like to celebrate and honour your commitment.

Your commitment will be recognised upon confirming a bequest in your Will and when your lasting legacy is received. The difference your legacy will make to help safeguard Victoria’s environment will feature in our Annual Report, Newsletter and on our website. Of course you can choose not to be recognised and recognition can be withdrawn at any time, just let us know.

Why leave your lasting legacy to Environment Victoria

Environment Victoria has always punched above its weight. We’re a small, lean organisation and always will be. And we get results! We are a great investment for three reasons:

1. We are Victorian

Well it goes without saying. But you may not know that we’re the only environment group that focuses on mobilising Victorians to green up their lives, rescue our rivers and safeguard our climate. We’re experts on Victoria’s environment. Our connections with our local communities run deep.

Victoria’s decision-makers respect us and barely a day goes by when we’re not influencing the media, convincing a politician to make a change, or shaping the opinions of Victorians.

2. We are good at what we do

Environment Victoria has had much success for over 45 years now. From our first Little Desert victory in 1969, to the recent successes of the past few years, we’ve made a real and lasting difference. Over the years the challenges have grown bigger, but so have our victories. And we’re hungry for more and bigger wins for our environment.

3. We spend your money on what counts

You can rest assured Environment Victoria will truly value your lasting legacy. We work really hard to make wise choices about how we can best use your money and allocate it to what counts – saving our rivers and climate and helping people green up their lives. In fact, people often tell us they can’t believe how much we do on so few resources.