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Frequently asked questions

1. Why should a solicitor assist me with writing my Will?

Your Will is likely to be one of the most important documents in your life. So you don’t want to risk complications or errors which could turn into further problems for loved ones after you die. A solicitor will also ensure that what you want is carried out.

2. Should partners have separate Wills?

Yes. In the unfortunate event of a change in the relationship divorce or death of a partner, separate Wills will help you avoid unwanted legal complications.

3. When should I change or update my Will?

Whenever your circumstances change, for example:

  • Birth of a new family member
  • Death of a spouse, partner or other family member
  • A change in the health of yourself or your partner
  • Change in relationships, such as marriage or divorce
  • Purchasing a property

4. Do I need to discuss my decision with my family?

Talking to loved ones about your decision to leave a bequest to Environment Victoria is very important. It’ll reduce the risk of disputes between them and the risk of your Will being contested. This will ensure that your wishes are met.

5. What is the best type of gift in my Will to leave to Environment Victoria?

We are extremely grateful for whatever you give and the decision is up to you. However, generally we recommend a residual bequest.

6. Can I leave my property to Environment Victoria?

Yes. We welcome property bequests provided that you give permission to sell the land and use the funds for campaigning to protect Victoria’s environment. We’re an environmental advocacy organisation, so we’re much more effective at protecting the environment through funded lobbying and campaigning. You can place a conservation covenant on your property if you would like the lands natural diversity protected in perpetuity.

7. Why should I let Environment Victoria know if I have left a gift in my Will?

So we can thank you personally and invite you to join our Forever Green community!