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How your legacy will create a Victoria that is Forever Green

While your commitment has made Victoria a better place, there is no denying that we face an environmental emergency.

Our rivers – the bloodlines of our planet – are barely a trickle most of the time. Our precious wildlife has experienced mass species decline. Our parks – home to ancient forests and critically endangered wildlife – will be heavily impacted by climate change. And action to reduce greenhouse pollution just isn’t happening fast enough.

The destiny of our planet and Victoria’s environment will be shaped by the actions we take today and in the coming decades. Now is the time to plan ahead and face these challenges head on.

Your lasting legacy can help us do this, creating a Victoria that is Forever Green.

Our plan for a Victoria that is Forever Green

The environmental challenges that we now face won’t go away overnight. We’ve done the research and have a strong plan for a greener future. Your Forever Greenlegacy would help achieve the following five goals:

1. A clean energy future

To protect all of our natural places and give our unique wildlife the best chance of survival, we have a plan to end Victoria’s addiction to brown coal and protect our fragile climate. We won’t stop until all coal plants are well on the way to extinction.

2. Save our rivers, forever

Our rivers are the lifeblood of our country and host to an amazing diversity of plants and animals, including our iconic River Redgum Forest Wetlands, seen no where else on Earth, and the endangered Plumed Egret. But they need a regular water source, desperately. We’ll focus our river rescue campaign on getting our rivers a reliable drink so they survive drought and climate change.

3. A green makeover for our homes and businesses

We want every building in Victoria to have a green makeover for water and energy efficiency. It’s a big goal but we’re on the way to getting it done!

4. Get smart to produce less waste

Consumption is rampant and we’ve become an incredibly wasteful society. We’ll campaign for smarter consumption choices by Victorians and for wasteful, toxic products to be replaced by sustainable ones that are 100 percent recyclable.

5. Get back to our (grass) roots

We’ll provide greater assistance to communities and climate action groups by supporting them to reduce their own impacts and to help change the system by amplifying their voice and their influence.

With your help we’ll continue to achieve many more wins for Victoria’s environment and climate.