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What next?

Every gift, no matter how big or small, will help protect Victoria’s unique environment – now and beyond our lifetimes – so that the next generation will enjoy nature as we did.

We know we have a huge challenge ahead of us to solve the looming environmental crises. We look forward to discussing your lasting legacy with you and how together we can create a Victoria that is Forever Green.

1. If you are ready to make your will

If you are ready to make your Will contact your solicitor, or you can write your Will for free online with our partners Gathered Here.

Write your free online Will at Gathered Here

2. If you would like more information

If you would like any information from us, please fill in the web form here, contact us on (03) 9341 8100 or email admin@environmentvictoria.org.au. You can also have a look at our frequently asked questions page where you might find your answer.

3. If you have made your will, Contact Environment Victoria to notify us of your decision

Please let us know if you have decided to make or have already made a bequest to Environment Victoria in your Will. Fill in the web form here, call us on (03) 9341 8100 or email admin@environmentvictoria.org.au. We’d love to welcome you as part of our Forever Green community of Environment Victoria bequestors.

PLEASE NOTE: You are under no obligation to provide any more information to us than you are comfortable with. All information you do provide will be treated as confidential and held in compliance with Australian privacy laws.

Your consideration of the kind of environment you would like to leave to your grandchildren and future generations as you plan or write your Will is a tribute to your dedication and your passion. Thank you so much.