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Campaspe River

The Campaspe River’s journey begins north near Trentham in Victoria's central highlands to Echuca, where it meets the Murray River. And its tributary, the Coliban River, joins it at Lake Eppalock.

  • The Campaspe River’s health has been severely affected by the construction of reservoirs, the clearing of native vegetation, and farming and urban development.
  • The rivers are severely stressed, with no reaches in excellent or even good condition and drought and climate change are causing further decline.
  • The Coliban and Campaspe River supply Bendigo’s drinking water but the largest demand for water comes form agriculture.

People who love and depend on the Campaspe River have many memories and insights to share – of swimming holes and picnic spots, of majestic basalt columns and lava caves, and of youngsters energetically protecting the ecosystem.

Take a minute and explore the Campaspe River through the eyes of these river champions…