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Gellibrand River

The Gellibrand River’s journey begins in south-west Victoria, in between the seaside suburbs of Geelong and Warrnambool.

Gellibrand River

  • The Gellibrand River is considered to be one of the more ecologically healthy rivers in Victoria.
  • The Gellibrand River flows through significant areas of intact native vegetation which are examples of remnant habitat important for fish and other wildlife.
  • The catchment consists of eucalyptus forests and cleared agricultural land and boasts the highest rainfall in the state.
  • Low flows over summer also present risks of estuary closing over which seriously impact on fish migration and natural habitats.

People who love and depend on the Gellibrand River have many memories and insights to share – of watching platypus forage in the river, of political wrangling, and it as an ever-changing organic wonder.

Take a minute and explore the Gellibrand River through the eyes of these river champions…