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Yea River

The Yea River’s journey begins on the northern slopes of the Great Divide and the young river borders Kinglake National Park. It then flows down through farmland, gaining flow from many tributaries including Katy Creek and the Murrindindi, until it joins the Goulburn to the north of Yea.

Yea River

  • The Yea River is the second largest tributary of the mid-Goulburn.
  • It provides irrigation water to high value horticulture crops such as grapevines and strawberry runners.
  • It is home to the critically endangered Macquarie perch, and the catchment provides habitat for other endangered species such as the Musk duck, Legless lizard and Brush-tailed phascogale.

People who love and depend on the Yea River have many memories and insights to share – of camping and bushwalking, of catching fish for breakie, and of the hope that rain will come again.

Take a minute and explore the Yea River through the eyes of these river champions…