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Table Talk Resources page

Before the Table Talk

Steps to setting up a Table Talk:

  • Reach out: Maybe you have relationships or contacts in communities who’s voices are often underrepresented in the climate conversations? If not, try reaching out, and establishing these contacts. Reach out to local leaders in your areas, groups, peak bodies and organisations. Sometimes you it can be easier to tap into existing networks and meetings, rather than setting up another one.
  • Set the atmosphere: Create a welcoming and comfortable environment. Make sure the space is conducive to discussion, free from distractions, and preferably around a table where everyone can gather and talk easily. You might think about checking in at your local library or community centre to book a venue space.
  • The value of stories: Begin the conversation by sharing a personal anecdote or experience related to climate change impacts. This helps to humanize the issue and makes it more relatable for everyone. Stories are where we can draw some of the most valuable insights, so encourage people to share theirs.
  • Encourage open dialogue: Foster an atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable expressing their thoughts, concerns, and questions. Encourage active listening and respect for differing viewpoints.

Find our template Table Talk Agenda here to support your event 

Print and handout this document at your table talks event

After the Table Talk

Please use this response form to collect information after your Table Talk.