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Alternatives to polluting coal

Victoria's brown coal power stations are old and inefficient. To cope with the challenges of the 21st century, these power stations need to be replaced. We should be leaping ahead toward the renewable energy technologies of the future. Brown coal is not a fuel of the future.

The smart option for Victoria would be to reduce electricity demand through economical energy efficiency measures.

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A Federal Government report found that it would be possible for Australia to cut energy use by between 15 and 22 percent using currently available technologies, and with an average four year payback.

Through wasting less energy and saving money, we could actually reduce our energy use far enough to start closing our most polluting power stations.

The best option for new power supplies would be a mixture of renewable energy and natural gas as a transition fuel.

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Learn more about our campaign to close Hazelwood power station, and replace it with a combination of energy efficiency, renewable energy and efficient gas.

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