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Community Survey Resources

Across Victoria volunteers are reaching out to people to have open and honest conversations about the problems with methane gas, and the solutions that are already available!

Here you can find all the resources you need to conduct your community gas surveys. If you need to speak directly to Environment Victoria organisers, email us at community@environmentvictoria.org.au

How-To Guide

Start here for a step-by-step process plus some tips and tricks on how to successfully survey your community.


Survey conversation guide

This conversations guide is designed to help you prepare and build great connections with everyone you talk to.
It contains a suggested conversation structure and handy questions and answers. It’s not a script, so don’t worry about memorising it.


Survey response form

Use this to record survey answers from each person you speak to. One form per person, so make sure to print a few!


Submit survey results

Submit survey results atenvict.org/survey so we can add them to the state-wide results.


How to submit survey results

If you’re not sure how to submit your survey results, check out this quick instruction video.

Watch the video


When you register to collect surveys, mail you 50 flyers, but here is a downloadable copy in case you want to print more.


Facebook group

Join this private Facebook group to connect with others who are collecting gas surveys around Victoria. This is the place to ask questions, share your experiences, and post photos of your survey actions!