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Let’s #ElectrifyVictoria — upload a pic to show your support!

We’re in the final stretch before the Victorian government updates the Gas Substitution Roadmap, so it’s time to speak up and share a photo on social media. 

Follow the simple steps below and together let’s make sure the Minister for Climate Action, Lily D’Ambrosio, is left with no doubt that Victorians support action to get off gas!

Methane gas is expensive, it damages our climate and it’s bad for our health. Embracing clean all-electric appliances is the solution – but Victorians need the right support and incentives to start making the switch.

That’s why our community has spent the last few months sending emails, meeting their MPs and hitting the streets to talk about the issue.

Looking for inspiration? Check out Environment Victoria's staff attempts!

The first version of Victoria’s Gas Substitution Roadmap was a good start towards ending Victoria’s use of dirty gas, but it fell short in a few critical ways – especially in providing support for low-income households and renters.

Now with the Victorian Government set to update the Roadmap ,will you show your support by sharing a picture on social media with the hashtag #ElectrifyVictoria (see the step-by-step instructions below).

Join the call for a strong plan to get Victoria off gas, one that helps every Victorian – whether they rent, own or live in social housing – enjoy the benefits of clean electric homes and lower bills.

How to show your support


If you have a printer: Download, print and cut-out this lightning bolt design.

If you don’t have access to a printer, make or draw your own lightning bolt with the #ElectrifyVictoria hashtag, or simply display the graphic on another device.



Take a happy snap of you with your lightning bolt. Be creative! You can do this as a selfie, with a mate, in front of a gas appliance. Alternatively take a photo of a gas or electric appliance. It’s up to you!

STEP Three

Upload your photo to social media (any platform!) with the hashtag #ElectrifyVictoria and a message about why you want Victoria to get off gas. We’ll be monitoring the #ElectrifyVictoria hashtag so we can share your images!

👉 Not sure what to write? We’ve posted some examples for you at the bottom of this page.

👉 No social media? Email your photo directly to us at editor@environmentvictoria.org.au and we’ll post them on our pages


If you can, tag us and the Victorian Minister for Climate Action, Lily D’Ambrosio …

Twitter: @EnviroVic + @LilyDAmbrosioMP

Instagram: @environment_victoria + @lilydambrosiomp

Facebook: @environmentvictoria + @LilyDAmbrosioMP


THEN encourage your friends to do the same!

Some suggestions for your message … 

Gas is expensive, polluting & damages our health. That’s why I want to see a strong Gas Substitution Roadmap that sets a clear path to electrification #ElectrifyVictoria @lilydambrosiomp

We need an ambitious Gas Substitution Roadmap so that all Victorians, whether we rent or own our homes, can electrify & enjoy cleaner air & lower bills. #ElectrifyVictoria @lilydambrosiomp

Leave no one behind in the transition to clean, renewable energy. Can’t wait to see how renters will be supported to electrify in the Gas Substitution Roadmap as we #ElectrifyVictoria @lilydambrosiomp