#Repower Victoria

This election, we’re using our voices and our votes for clean energy.

Join the campaign to Repower Victoria with clean energy from the sun and wind!

Find out where the parties stand

Victoria’s renewable energy target will create 9000 jobs, reduce power bills and cut the pollution that damages our climate. Solar and batteries can deliver cleaner, cheaper power for everyone.

The community is on board with clean energy. Four out of five Victorians support our renewable energy target and want to live in a state that is leading on climate change.

But dirty politics is standing in the way. Matthew Guy’s Liberal Party plans to scrap the renewable target if elected, sabotaging our local clean energy industry.

They’re backing big coal instead of what the community wants.

This election, we’re using our voices and our votes for clean energy. Join the campaign to Repower Victoria with clean energy from the sun and wind.

Our vision for Victoria

Victoria can be a leader for our climate and environment.

We can repower Victoria with clean energy from the wind and sun in a way that’s fast and fair, with the benefits shared by everyone.

And we can protect our forests, rivers and the animals that call them home.

Get the detail in our election policy agenda.

our policy agenda

Key election priorities

Repower Victoria with clean energy

• Meet the Victorian Renewable Energy Target of 5400 megawatts (MW) by bringing 1000MW of new, large-scale renewable energy online every year for the next four years.
• Set an energy storage target for at least 500MW by 2025.

A just and fair transition to a sustainable society and economy

• Make sure every Victorian can benefit from the transition to clean energy by repowering 250,000 homes and businesses with rooftop solar and energy efficiency.
• Make the Latrobe Valley Authority permanent and reserve 500MW of new renewable energy for the Latrobe Valley.

Strengthen the systems that drive environmental protection and sustainability in Victoria

• Set up a Commission for a Hotter and Drier Victoria to deliver new laws that protect regional Victoria in the face of climate change.
• Expand successful environmental programs such as funding for riverbank restoration.
• Establish the Great Forest National Park.
• Regulate carbon pollution through the EPA and set science-based emission reduction targets for 2025 and 2030.

Who we are

#Repower Victoria is a community campaign supported by the charity Environment Victoria.

With more than 40 grassroots member groups and 150,000 individual supporters, Environment Victoria is a growing community standing up for a safe climate, clean energy, healthy rivers and a sustainable future. We’ve been campaigning to look after Victoria’s environment since 1969.

We want this election to be a race to the top, with all parties showing that they’ve got the best plans to stop climate change and protect the environment.