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Saving hot water - and energy

We all love a hot shower, but heating water is one of the biggest uses of energy within homes and workplaces. Thankfully, there are some easy ways to reduce the impact - and save on energy bills.

According to Sustainability Victoria, hot water accounts for around 16 percent of the average Victorian household’s energy costs.

And most of that hot water is used in the bathroom. Those minutes in the morning shower can really add up to a high energy bill, especially if you have an inefficient hot water system. By switching to a more environmentally friendly option you can save money and reduce pollution.

One option is solar hot water, usually boosted by gas. Another option is a heat pump hot water system. (If you choose this option, Environment Victoria recommends Earthworker Co-operative’s bolt-on heat pump, which can be retrofitted to existing tanks.)

If you’ve already upgraded to a more efficient system, you can still save energy and money by taking shorter showers, insulating hot water pipes, washing clothes in cold water not hot water and installing a low-flow showerhead.

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