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Drink containers

Victorians are pretty good recyclers. So it’s suprising that we’re still not that great at recycling our drink bottles and containers.

In fact, we currently recycle just over half of our alluminium cans, and plastic and glass bottles. And when we’re away from home – at a café or the local pub – we recycle even less (just 19 percent!)

That’s why we support the introduction of a national container deposit scheme.

Container deposits place a value on the drink container after you’ve finished drinking the product. They are a form of product stewardship that gives you, as a consumer, an incentive to recycle your drink container and redeem the deposit.

Other countries and states have introduced similar schemes to great success. For example, California has had a container deposit scheme in place since 1987. Californians now recycle up to 76 percent of their drink containers.

There are multiple benefits

Introducing a container deposit scheme would come with added rewards. We’d need to develop collection points for drink containers and other infrastructure to support the scheme. We could use these hubs to recycle a number of other products – including electronic waste, fluorescent lights, batteries and tyres.

With your help, we can get this simple scheme introduced and really make a positive impact on our environment.

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