Blog | 6th Oct, 2022

Sparking climate conversations in the Latrobe Valley

In the lead up to the November state election, we’re having big conversations with the community about the transition away from coal — and what it will take to power all Victorian lives with clean energy by 2030.

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We know that conversations are a powerful way to connect with and move people to action. That’s why we’re getting out on the streets, at train stations and local markets to speak with voters about what the clean energy transition means for our community.

To do this, we’re using a conversation method called “deep canvassing,” which is a useful way to get to the heart of tough issues like transition and coal closures. We want to hear where people are at, what they care about and what it will take for them to get behind a fast and fair transition for our region.

These are sometimes loaded and difficult conversations to have in the Latrobe Valley. Fear of the unknown, of change, and our regional identity and pride in powering the state are all wrapped up in it. But we’re practising listening without judgement and finding common ground.

Deep canvassing is new for many of us in the Gippsland Action Network, and we’ve been learning together and have had some really positive experiences so far in Moe and Traralgon! They’re brave conversations — but it’s this kind of work to bring everyone in the community along that will help create the changes we need for a healthy, bright future in the Valley.

Clockwise from left (Liz and David with Yallourn power station in the background; Hayley, Maleluka and Margie at the Traralgon market, Jane and Maleluka speaking with locals at the Traralgon market)

Header image: David, Jo, Steph and Libby

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