Why we’re taking the EPA to court

After a drawn-out review of coal power station licences, Victoria’s EPA did very little about toxic air pollution and chose not to place limits on greenhouses gases. Now we’re challenging that decision in the Supreme Court.

BuildBackBetter is a global movement to make sure the political and social response to the coronavirus pandemic also addresses the climate and ecological crises facing humanity.

Burning coal is the single biggest cause of climate change. We’re campaigning to phase out coal-burning power stations by 2030, replace them with clean energy, and support the community through this transition.

We’re a community of people working together for Victoria’s environment and future. Join us!

Our Campaigns

Shifting from old, dirty fuels to clean energy
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Looking after our precious rivers, wetlands and natural world
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Making our homes and communities smarter and more efficient
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Building the movement to protect our environment and climate
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