Get onboard with clean energy

We can power our lives with clean energy from the wind and sun!

To cut pollution and protect the people and places we love from the impacts of global warming we need to shift to clean, renewable energy. The good news is in Victoria the shift is well underway.

Already more than 25 percent of the energy used in Victoria is renewable and new solar and wind farms are being built around the state. Our tram network is powered by Victorian solar farms and soon our trains, stations, schools and hospitals will use clean energy too.

Households and businesses are also getting onboard. More than 500,000 homes now have solar panels and businesses large and small are using cleaner, cheaper power. Even massive energy users like Woolworths, Coles and Bunnings have all pledged to use 100% clean energy by 2025.

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Clean energy in our communities

Communities and businesses across the state are sharing the benefits of cleaner, cheaper energy. 

Microgrids and smart energy systems allow us to not only produce our own energy, but also share it with our neighbours. 

In the northern Victorian town of Yackandandah, the community is building three microgrid networks in its bid to become 100 percent renewable. 

In East Gippsland after devastating bushfires cut off power from Baton Rouge Wildlife Shelter, putting young and sick animals at risk, solar power and batteries came to the rescue. The shelter was were able to get the power they needed to run incubators and keep injured animals cool with an off-grid solar and battery set-up donation. See their story and hear more from bushfire survivors in our Beyond the Burning documentary >> 










Clean energy for Victoria

We can power Victoria with 100% clean energy and battery storage. To cut our greenhouse gas pollution, we need to rapidly clean up our electricity supply. Already a quarter of our electricity comes from the wind and sun and there is a huge pipeline of more new wind and solar farms coming online. 

Recently the Victorian government set up funding for six renewable energy zones around the state. Victoria’s renewable energy zones will unlock our incredible wind and solar resources, bringing heaps of investment and jobs to regional Victoria, 

Find out more about the renewable energy zones here >> 

Clean energy and storage can replace our ageing coal-burning power stations.

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And by reducing our need for gas we can cut pollution and save on energy bills. 

Find out how Victoria can get off gas >> 

Who is Environment Victoria?

Environment Victoria is an independent charity, funded by donations. Established in 1969, we’ve grown into a community of 40 grassroots member groups and more than 200,000 individual supporters. 

Together we’re campaigning to solve the climate crisis and build a thriving, sustainable society that protects and values nature. 

We’ve achieved some big wins for our climate and environment over the last 50 years.

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