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Join a movement of local people standing up for a healthy, safe and sustainable future in the Latrobe Valley.

Gippsland is home to some of Victoria’s most beautiful natural landscapes – from the high country, to the rainforests, wild rivers, lakes and beaches.

But continuing to burn coal and gas is putting this all at risk. It’s damaging our climate, fuelling more frequent and extreme weather events, and polluting our waterways and air with dangerous toxins.

By coming together, we can help build a better future for the region. One with abundant clean energy and sustainable local jobs, with healthy rivers and forests that are protected, and with strong communities that support each other. 

Local people across Gippsland are already showing the way. Sign up below to join our email list and get involved!


A Just Transition

Environment Victoria has been caring for our rivers, forests and climate for over 50 years. With the support of more than 200,000 everyday Victorians, we’re continuing to build momentum for a faster, fairer transition away from polluting coal and gas.

That means standing up against big fossil fuel companies like AGL and Alinta and holding them accountable to clean up the damage they’ve created. But it also means ensuring our government brings new clean energy opportunities, jobs and investment to regional communities like the Latrobe Valley – so that we can all share in the benefits of a healthier, safer future.

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